Lisa (45) rich sugar mama South Africa Looking for 18 and above to date – Please Get My Whatsapp number.

Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

At 45 I still need real love no cheating plus going out. Please take note I am looking for the boy who is ready to leave all small girlfriends and focus on me only. In addition to all he must be ready to surrender all his phones, emails and contacts to me.

Single Baby mama looking for a Ben 10 South Africa

I am a widowed business lady staying in Durban. I have business in Durban. I practice Shipping and forwarding. I also have marine insurance company. I have a big supermarket in Gauteng province. My favorite color is red. I like being private and going out will be on your request.

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Firstly I would like to thank SATESPACE Company which gave me this opportunity to post about myself and choosing the ben 10 I really want. Online dating is so exciting. It makes me enjoy life because it gives me the most serious person ever.

To add on to the above I would like to warn all the boys who are going to get my number, I am not here to joke only serious boys will be entertained.

My promises to the one I love most

The first thing I need to promise is the house I stay. It will be yours forever until dearth part us. In addition to the above, I will also buy you a car for your own personal use. I will not end there I will also send you to the best university in United Kingdom.

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To add on to the above I would like to say all what I have will be yours. I own a Jeep Cherokee, It will be yours. I own a Boat for boat cruising, it will be yours.

How to get my Email address, my residential Address and Whatsapp number.

Knowing that we originate from SATESPACE, we also need you to get our contacts from SATESPACE.

To get my email address or my home in Durban please Sign Up on SATESPACE. Use the link Below to join

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After joining please post your photos. After photos please search for Lisa. If you get me please send me a message of love

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I will of course reply telling you all my details. I am always online you don’t need to worry about delays.

Stay Home to be safe – please lets enjoy together – this Corona virus time.          

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How to get direct Whatsapp Number If you are given A link Like this.

Firstly you need to click every picture you saw on this post check. Follow the link properly and fill in all your details correctly.

If you are not satisfied please go to the park for free Wi-Fi. Sit down And Browse well.

28 thoughts on “Lisa (45) rich sugar mama South Africa Looking for 18 and above to date – Please Get My Whatsapp number.

  1. Hello beautiful.. I don’t if I’m that lucky guy or what but at least it’s better to try luck, because I think you got you were looking for this pass days, months and years and yes, I’m that kinda handsome, cute, talking, laughing, care, trust, love, soul and being next to you mostly coz I will love baby…. Let me be yours like only yours, I got what you need. You don’t need other joy baby, im your joy and that only joy even in bed this big cock of mine will be yours owned by you baby…. You WhatsApp or call me 0640007146 I will be there for you

  2. Hy I’m 26 years my name is vusi I live in Free state I’m looking someone like you I will make u happy all the time be there for you respect you l just want to show you love…I have nothing special to offer except my capacity to love you….. WhatsApp me or call 0729457943

  3. Hello any single women who needs love n respect also alots of fun keep me in touch my name it’s king .

  4. Hi there.I’m a 38 years old male looking for a wealthy woman of my age .My aim its not suck her out but to satisfy her desires and needs. Im ready to do whatever she would asked me to do as long as that makes her happy.I will take her anywhere at anytime of the day or during night as long as we are both happy.I just want to be there to share knowledge of previous relationships

  5. Dear.lisa you r looking very beautiful . for me.i am indian original yoga men. I don’t lie.n don’t cheater.i have no I want a lovely rich sugar mama I gave u full satisfaction. I love you very much.i will do always respect to you.its my promise.

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