Most of us just don’t have anyone to spend these millions with. Get my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE. Veronica (36) from Soweto.

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I’m originally from Soweto but I had to move after I became a millionaire. In fact I keep moving so there’s no reason telling you where exactly I’m based currently because sooner or later I will still leave anyway. I do this for security reasons. There’s usually huge amounts of cash with me Everytime in my house and if I stay in one place I will probably get robbed at some point.

Who thought money could ever be a problem, obviously not me because now I’m suffering from it. I have made donations to many facilities. All my family members stay in expensive houses right now because of me but they are still ungrateful. For some reason they keep expecting me to do even more for them which makes me regret even trying to help in the first place.

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Our chats shouldn’t get hacked

You know what, right now as I’m writing this there’s probably someone who is trying to hack into my inbox. My technical advisor recommend a safe and secure platform for me. Use the below option:

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You won’t regret using that button. It’s the first one of the few easy steps to getting me. The man who follows what I say will get me first. The button leads you straight into SATESPACE. The next thing you should then get into is creating a super cool profile. I’m sure by now you should know what that means. This will help me decide whether to talk to you or not because it’s how I see if you are real.

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Let’s talk material

What kind of car do you want? What house do you want? Which brand do you wear? In a short period these will be the questions I will be asking you. All you have to use this time for is to prepare answers. Your time to rise has come and you gotta keep your head up. Be quick enough to create that profile and be the first to get my attention. Everyone else will come when it’s already too late

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30 thoughts on “Most of us just don’t have anyone to spend these millions with. Get my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE. Veronica (36) from Soweto.

  1. Please cantact me on 0738611155 we can meet and talk about the way forward I’m tired of being broke yet so young I always wanted someone who will throw money at me just to keep them company and some benefits.

  2. Hey mummy! I’m always available for you and I would appreciate to be under your control and what you want I could do it outstanding. Here is my number 0717902702

  3. Hi.. I’m Jan Marlo Marasigan from Philippines.. I’m 23 years old.. im an trainee of Philippine Army.. can we be friends? My WhatsApp number +639653888560

  4. Hey Veronica
    I would really like to chat with often get to know you please give me a call when you get this on 0781609735 I would really love to hear from you and am really interested in being your man to support, love and respect you, build happy memories with you. I will be waiting for that call

  5. Hellow Princess it’s me again am assuming you haven’t read my message that’s you haven’t replied yet. so plzz when you online get my number and give me a call, i would really love to get to know you better and chat with often before I sleep and to here your voice first thing when I wake up please Vee just give me a call on 0781609735

  6. 0732957419 am always available till i found love i m Mozambican but located in katlehong south Africa jhb

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