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Who is there today looking for a boyfriend

Today we were approached by a slay queen who goes by the name Caroline. Caroline stays in the low density of Messina in SOWETO. Recently, there was a question which says why only low density girls approach us. Let us categorically answer that question:-

  1. Low density girls are the one difficult to approach hence they tend to turn to online dating sites
  2. Low density ladies are the one with their own property hence many man will find it difficult to approach. Already established girls are difficult to approach
  3. They have guts to approach us and we have energy to post them
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What Caroline looks like?

I look like a perfect women with perfect shape. God took his time to create me and she created me with perfect passion. I am a tall girl who is light in complexion. My complexion is not eye catching hence neither black nor yellow but I stay in the middle. My body shape is like that of Beyonce, the Jay Z’s wife.

What are the features of the man I love?

I am a women with future so I love someone with bright future. Someone with the head full of business plans and ideas. Physical appearances is not a problem to but what is inside your head matters to me. Although physical appearance will come after your academic qualifications. Make sure you put your academic near to your chest.

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Furthermore, I want someone who has his blood clean. Someone who is STI free. I need someone who has no history of STI. The person must not have any traces of unchastity because I hate being cheated. HIV frighten me, so someone who is HIV negative is my priority please. If you are sick, make sure you are have your property and I will love your property not you.

How to contact me?

To contact me please call or whatsapp me on my Zimbabwean Econet number.

My Number is +263 78 390 9664

Feel free to contact me. I am there for you.

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  2. Hi Elizabeth my name is Steven Branton 39 years old from Suriname a neibourcountry of whatsapp nu ber is +5978539356. I’m ready to give you love and have quality time with you . And to be there for you babe

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